Why Does Dog Waste Kill Grass?

Why Does Dog Waste Kill Grass?

dog waste grass santa claritaIf Fido considers your lawn to be his favorite bathroom facility, then you may have noticed some areas that no longer resemble the green oasis once located there. Aside from needing to dodge puppy’s poop when the lawn must be crossed, the grass is obviously dying before your very eyes.

Why does dog waste kill lawns?

A visiting dog doing his business in your backyard won’t hurt your yard. A resident pet using the same area on a daily basis, however, is another story. Dog waste contains nitrogen. Urine has a higher percentage of nitrogen than feces. Feces sitting around will block the sunlight that would otherwise feed the grass.

Consider the fertilizer people add to their yards to ‘feed’ the lawn. Everybody in the neighborhood is aware when said homeowner accidentally overdoes the fertilizing. The same principal applies to your pet’s poop deposits. If the waste remains on your lawn for too long a period of time, it will indeed kill your yard through excessive nitrogen and sun-blocking.

Is it important to pick up dog waste quickly?

When it comes to yard clean up for dog urine, the best option is simply watering your lawn to dilute the nitrogen. Watering first thing in the morning is more effective both for plant-life and because your pet’s early morning pee is stronger than later in the day.

Feces offers a different kind of challenge. It definitely needs to be removed from your lawn to prevent discoloration and dead spots. Dog waste removal is probably not high on your list of activities surrounding pet ownership that you treasure.

This is precisely why Scoop Masters is in business. Dog waste removal is our specialty. We will happily take care of yard clean up for you. We will come to your home to remove the waste, disinfect, and deodorize the affected areas. Visit our website for more information on our services and how they can benefit your home and save you time.


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