How to Have Fun at the Beach With Your Dog

How to Have Fun at the Beach With Your Dog

dog beach santa claritaBored during the summer? Yeah right!

During hot seasons, getting out is a simple way to let loose during your vacation; and there’s no reason your furry friends should be left out of the festivities. Los Angeles offers some of the biggest dog-friendly beaches on the west coast, allowing your pets to have fun with dog breeds of all sorts. Don’t worry, you can have fun with dog breeds of all sorts too! Just make sure you bring enough snacks for the whole crowd.

There are an endless amount of activities to do at a beach, and bringing along a pet can lengthen the list even more so.

Race your hound down the shore, go for a swim, or test how good of a volleyball player he is by joining a couple games. If the beach you visit happens to not be leash-free, go for a nice walk and sunbathe for a couple hours. Just remember to bring along your good camera and capture some memorable photos of you two to keep a vivid memory of the day.

Beach outings with your canine can prove to be ten times more fun than going solo, so always consider bringing them along if the circumstances allow it. Make sure to research your trip before going as well, as most beaches have regulations concerning dogs. Bring along lots of water, and pay very close attention to how your dog is reacting to the environment throughout the day. To fully avoid a sniffling Snoopy after beach day, read through’s article “Dog Beach Outings: Tips & Do’s and Don’ts”.

When you’re at a dog beach, it’s also important to keep basic pet waste removal procedures in mind. After all, a beach is as much public property as our sidewalks and parks are. Always check around for waste bins and plastic bag dispensers in pet-friendly areas, or bring your own just in case. And if you’re a bit tired of cleaning up after your pup within the house and long to lay back with a fruity drink (don’t we all?), there’s a crew nearby willing to take the mess right out of your hands…literally.

Santa Clarita’s own Doggy Repooval specializes in contract-free pet waste removal services.

They cater to dog owners who don’t have much time or energy to complete tasks such as sanitizing soiled carpets or picking up pet waste from their yards. They are available rain or shine, and work with clients in need of work ranging from disinfecting to temporary vacation cleanings. So, if you decide to cut yourself a little “me time” this summer, you’ll know you can fully trust that both your house and pup are doing just fine.


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