Pool Safety Tips for Dogs

Pool Safety Tips for Dogs

dog pool safety santa claritaDog pool safety is something that all pet owners take very seriously. With the Summer approaching, it’s important to know the facts to keep your dog happy and safe in the pool.

  • Never leave your dog alone in a pool, no matter how well you think they can swim.
  • Dogs can, depending on their breed, become strong swimmers after lessons. Professional lessons are always a great starting point.
  • If there are any questions regarding your dog’s water safety, or if you will be spending the day on the water, you should consider a life-jacket. The vest should be appropriately fitted to your four-legged friend to ensure their safety, limit fatigue, and promote fun and enjoyment.
  • You should speak with your vet before taking your dog swimming, which is especially important if your dog is aged or has any disabilities or health concerns.
  • Your vet’s office can also put you in contact with pet CPR classes, which can empower you in an emergency. Whatever your circumstances, safely enclosing your pool is the best way to prevent accidents.

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12 Ways to Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer

12 Ways to Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer

dog summer tips santa claritaWhen summer arrives with its warm temperatures, your dog can become overheated. Since he can only release heat by panting or having the sweat glands in his feet keep him cool and hydrated, it’s important to keep your dog as cool as possible. To learn more, here are a dozen ways to keep dog cool this summer.

Unattended Vehicles
Since the interior of cars can reach 115 degrees when it’s only 75 degrees outside, don’t leave your dog in an unattended vehicle.

Don’t Walk on Hot Surfaces
If you walk on hot asphalt, you may burn your dog’s paws. Use special dog booties or shoes.

Give Plenty of Fresh Water
Dogs don’t want to drink water that’s been left in the sun, so change their water often and keep it in the shade.

Take Water With You
If you go out, make sure you’ve brought along a water bottle and a bowl to keep dog cool.

Let Your Dog Stay Home
If it’s higher than 85 degrees outside, let your dog stay home and enjoy the air conditioning while you go to the beach.

Don’t Overexercise
Dog’s don’t know when to quit, so don’t let them overdo it on a hot day.

Buy a Cooling Vest
If you’re on a hike, have your dog wear a cooling vest.

Apply Sunscreen
Along with wearing sunscreen yourself, apply it to your dog’s skin and fur.

A Cool Pool
To help lower your dog’s body temperature on a hot day, let them stand in a cool pool of water.

Walk During Cool Parts of the Day
Walk during the early morning or evening to avoid the hottest part of the day.

Provide Outdoor Shelter
Whether it’s a dog house or a tree, give your dog some shelter from the high temperatures.

Watch for Dehydration
If your dog is wobbly on its feet and appears lethargic, it may be dehydrated, so get to a vet as soon as possible.

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