How Often Should a Puppy Poop?

How Often Should a Puppy Poop?

puppy poop santa claritaPuppy poop is simply a fact of life for dog owners, and both the quality and quantity is a strong indicator of their health. New owners should pay close attention to their puppy’s habits to make sure that their furry friend is healthy.

How Often?

The average healthy puppy will poop between one and five times per day, with most of them falling near the middle of the range. The precise frequency will depend on the individual puppy and many factors of its lifestyle.

Diet is the biggest determining factor. The more your puppy eats, the more it will poop. A diet that is high in fiber will lead to larger and more frequent deposits in your yard. Letting the puppy eat whenever it wants instead of sticking to a feeding schedule will also encourage it to poop more often.

Exercise can also lead to puppy poop. Puppies that walk more during the day will tend to poop more often. The impact isn’t quite as large as the impact of the dog’s diet, but exercise is still a relevant factor. Additionally, some diseases can lead to either more or less pooping. They usually come with changes to the consistency of the stool, which are a sign that the dog might need medical attention.

Cleaning Up

All of that means that yard clean up is a common task for dog owners. Some are content to simply leave the deposits to rot over time to avoid doing the work, but that isn’t a great idea. Puppy poop is a natural home for bacteria and parasites, which can help to spread any problems that your puppy might have. It can also lead to insect infestations, since many love to breed inside a warm and often edible pile of poop. Cleanliness is also a factor, especially if the puppy decides to go somewhere that you might step in the dark!

Fortunately, Doggy Repooval in Santa Clarita can handle the yard clean up for a fairly low price. We get rid of the waste to remove the long-term problems, and apply disinfectants to deal with any bacteria that has already grown. Our service makes a point of using disinfectants that are safe for animals, so getting a little help can be a good idea even for owners who are willing to scoop poop on their own. Visit our website for a $10 coupon off your first service.


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Rawhide Dangers for Dogs

Rawhide Dangers for Dogs

rawhide bone dangers for dogs santa claritaWe love dogs, and we want you to understand the various rawhide bones can be a danger for your pets. While shopping at a pet store for items for your new puppy or older dog, you may see rawhide bones available, but veterinarians know that these items are not safe for your pet.

Rawhide Bones Are a Choking Hazard For Dogs

While chewing a rawhide item, it can degrade into smaller pieces that an animal can swallow, causing a choking hazard as it sticks inside a dog’s throat. In addition, an animal might aspirate sections of a rawhide toy, blocking the dog’s airway and making it impossible for it to breathe. Some dogs are able to swallow pieces of rawhide, but the material does not digest properly in an animal’s stomach or intestinal tract, leading to a dangerous blockage.

Tooth Breakage, Digestive Problems, and Allergic Reactions

Additional rawhide bone dangers for your dog include allergic reactions inside the mouth along with developing severe diarrhea. A dog may begin to vomit after chewing on rawhide, leading to dehydration. A dog can also damage its mouth and teeth while chewing a hard rawhide bone, leading to a broken tooth or damaged gum tissue that makes it difficult for an animal to consume a normal diet. Make sure that friends and relatives understand that they should never give your dog a rawhide object.

Ask Your Vet for Recommendations

Look for safe chew toys for your dog along with nutritious treats rather than subjecting your dog to rawhide bone dangers. If you don’t know what types of treats and toys to buy for your pet, then talk to your dog’s veterinarian.

Along with keeping your dog safe with toys and treats, we also know that your dog needs to live in a healthy and clean environment. At Scoop Masters Los Angeles and Dallas-Fort Worth, we offer an assortment of waste management services for commercial and residential properties. In addition to collecting pet waste from homes, businesses, and public areas, we can wash sidewalks and other surfaces to remove the pathogens from the animal waste. For more information on our pet waste removal and yard clean up services with no contract, visit our website. While you’re there – download our coupon for $10 off!

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