Thanksgiving Dangers for Dogs in Santa Clarita

Thanksgiving Dangers for Dogs

santa clarita dog dangers thansgivingThanksgiving in Santa Clarita is an exhilarating time of year to be a human, so imagine how stimulating it is to be a dog. Alluring scents, loads of new people giving attention, and —the most exciting part— the occasion to steal some delectable people food.

As the dominating force in our pets lives, we have to be cautious when giving them scraps from the table. Though all table scraps might look enjoyable to a dog, some Thanksgiving food is not suitable for them. Your dog can become rather ill if they eat the wrong food.  A trip to the vet will ruin a holiday quicker than you can blink, so here are a few things to watch out for to prevent spending extra time and money during your Thanksgiving in Santa Clarita.

Turkey – Turkey is ok for your dog to eat as long as it is fully cooked and boneless.  Bones are the big hazard with turkey. Never give them any kind of bones to chew, as cooked or uncooked are both potentially deadly to your dog.

Bread Dough – Raw dough can actually rise in your dog’s stomach, causing vomiting, abdominal pain, and bloating. In some situations, this can lead to complications that involve surgery.

Mashed Potatoes – It’s not necessarily the potatoes that are dangerous for your dog, it’s the dairy products used to make most potatoes side dishes that are harmful. Ingredients like milk, butter, cream, cheese, and onions.

Xylitol – Artificial sweeteners made with Xylitol are extremely poisonous and potentially deadly to dogs. In dogs, it stimulates insulin production, which can cause a precipitous and dangerous drop in blood sugar, possibly leading to seizures, coma, and even death.

Alcohol – Even the smallest amount of alcohol can be deadly to dogs. Wine and beer can be especially dangerous, the ingredients they are fermented from — grapes and hops — are also toxic to dogs. In addition to liquids, keep an eye out for cakes that may have alcohol in them (such as fruitcakes or rum cake) and unbaked bread dough. There have been cases where dogs were poisoned from food with alcohol cooked into it.

Chocolate – Everyone knows how chocolate is bad for dogs, and yet it has a habit of turning up in unexpected places. Countless holiday recipes call for baking chocolate, which is above all dangerous for dogs — the more bitter the chocolate, the higher the levels of the chemicals in it that are toxic to canines.

We know it’s hard saying no to your cherished pal, but just remember that you’re doing it to keep your dog safe. You don’t have to totally keep them away from holiday foods— just make sure to choose wisely which treats you give your pet.

As long as you keep an eye out for potential holiday hazards, you and your dog are sure to have a happy and healthy Thanksgiving. Another potential hazard for both your pet and your guests’ shoes is the poo in the yard you have forgotten about. With everything else, your busy with during the Holiday’s, why not let professionals take care of your yard clean-up for you.  We will keep any yard, regardless of the size, or number of dogs, clean and free from all waste. So are you sick and tired of picking up after your dog? We are your solution! To learn more about the services we provide visit our website for a $10 coupon off your first month’s service.


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