Halloween Safety Tips for Your Dog in Santa Clarita

Halloween Safety Tips for Your Dog

santa clarita dog halloweenWith Halloween just around the corner, Scoop Masters wants to give you a few tips to make sure everyone in your neighborhood, including your dog, has a safe and howling-good night.

Hide the Chocolate

Chocolate is poisonous to dogs and cats, so keep the candy bowl out of reach. Instead, throw them a bone (it’s Halloween, after all). If you expect that some of the trick-or-treaters will show up with their four-legged friends, consider keeping another bowl full of dog treats. No one needs to feel left out on Halloween!

Don’t Trip

Keep pets away from wires and fires. Jack-o’-lanterns can be festive and fun, but probably only from a distance. The open flame can cause burns or fires if the pumpkin topples over. Also, keep electric wires hidden and taped strongly to the ground.

Let Dogs be Dogs

Costumes might be cute to humans, but they can be frightening and traumatic to pets. Let your dog try on the costume before the big day. If they seem a little skittish, maybe masquerading just isn’t their thing. If they obviously enjoy wearing the costume, check to be sure that there aren’t any loose ends that they could trip, chew, or choke on.

Don’t Let the Dogs Out

If the doorbell is causing your pet a little too much excitement, give them a break. It can be stressful having so many new faces at your door. Find a safe, quiet space for your pet to retreat to. And, just in case, it’s always a great idea to ensure that your pet is wearing a collar with identification. You never know if they might become spooked and try to dart out the open door.

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