Santa Clarita Wildfire, Smoke & Pet Safety

Wildfire, Smoke & Pet Safety

scv-wildfire-1santa clarita dog poopWildfires are a common occurrence in the Santa Clarita Area.  Doggy Repooval would like to take a moment to remind pet owners in the area of accurate fire safety and prevention for families with pets. Over 40,000 pets are dying in fires annually and 500,000 more are injured.  Preparedness is key so here are a few tips to keep you a step ahead in a crisis situation.

Have a preplanned escape route. Designate a safe zone for family members to meet and plan multiple routes to reach it from your home.  Practice exiting safely and quickly.

  • Use Pet Rescue Fire Safety Sticker on your window. This will indicate what species of pets you have, and how many, so that firefighters will know who to look for.  You can pick up these stickers (normally free of charge) at any humane society or veterinary office.
  • Clear out brushy areas around your home. This will help reduce the fire sources around your home.
  • Be familiar with where your pets like to hide. The smells, sights and sounds of a fire are frightening for your pets. Most often, they will hide in a place where they feel safe. Identifying your pets hiding places will help you find them swiftly in the event of an emergency.
  • Make an emergency pet kit. The kit should include food, prescriptions your pet needs and his/her vaccine history in just in case they need to be lodged in a kennel.
  • Be aware of the dangers of candles. Pets can turn a risk-free candle into a life-threatening fire hazard.
  • Test and replace the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors two times a year.

If an emergency does occur, remember to fasten your pets on a leash or in a carrier to prevent them from running away in fright.  Don’t forget to bring your pet emergency kit, enough food for one week, their favorite toy and/or blanket, a food and water bowl and their ID tags.

Commonly emergencies catch people unaware, and they rarely have time to actually prepare. For this reason, Doggy Repooval would like to tell you how to properly care for your pet if they are affected by smoke inhalation.  Smoke inhalation is a serious medical condition and should not be taken lightly. Carbon monoxide is released from burned materials such as carbon dioxide and cyanide.  It can be dangerous and poisonous for both you and your pet. If these chemicals are inhaled, it can cause severe lung injury, burnt airways and death.  The signs of smoke inhalation can include:

  • Intense coughing
  • Open-mouth breathing
  • Foaming at the mouth
  • Red, inflamed eyes
  • Weakness/lethargy
  • Mucous membranes that are bright red, blue or pale
  • Singed or burnt hair
  • Respiratory distress and/or difficulty breathing
  • Gagging/vomiting
  • Seizures
  • Squinting
  • Skin and/or ocular burns

It is essential to move your pet to clean, oxygenated air is.  If your pet is still inside the building, loosely drape a wet towel over his/her eyes and nose to reduce further smoke inhalation.  After you are out of the burning area, ask the fire personnel for an oxygen mask for your pet, this will reduce your pets’ risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. If you can’t make it to a vet immediately, than place your pet in a steamy room or near a humidifier to surge the amount of moisture in their lungs. Damage may not be recognizable for several hours, so seek help as soon as possible for evaluation and stabilization.

With a bit of luck you will never have to deal with the crisis of a wildfire closing in on your home.   Preparedness is always the best option if you and your pet are near a wildfire even if you think you will not be affected.  It’s important to reduce exercise time; pets have a powerful sense of smell.  They will notice it before you do, to preempt symptoms offer your pet ample amounts of fresh water and of course, give them lots of love!

Wildfires are a constant struggle in California. The tips we provided should help to recognize when to evacuate to keep you and your pets safe. Our Santa Clarita dog poop clean up takes pride not only in the cleanliness of your yard, but also the safety of your pets.  To learn more about the services we provide visit our website for a $10 coupon off your first month’s service.

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Potty Training Tricks for Older Dogs in Santa Clarita

Potty Training Tricks for Older Dogs

santa clarita dog wastePotty training a puppy can be a challenge for Santa Clarita homeowners. Repetition and consistency is key. Potty training an older dog however, such as a rescue dog, presents different challenges all together. They they also may have bad habits that have already formed throughout their life that makes potty training an even tougher issue.

Where to Start

Potty training older dog begins by making sure there is no medical problem. If you suspect one, take your dog to a vet. Also, watch for any behavioral problems that your older dog may have from a prior life. Potty training requires consistency, both in feeding and taking outside. You should strive to develop a schedule, and keep to that schedule as much as possible.

Create a Reward System

When your dog uses the bathroom outside, reward them in some positive way. They learn what makes you happy and want to please you. Be consistent in your manner of rewards so your dog learns when you are satisfied, making them want to repeat the behavior.

Location is Key

All dogs like a favorite spot. That place tends to develop a smell that attracts the dog. You’re your dog to that same spot every time. Unfortunately, when the dog goes inside, they will be drawn to that spot again. You need to clean all inside spots to remove the allure. If you see to dog going inside, clap and startle them. Then take the dog outside right away. Do not scare the dog, as you want to be the dog’s friend, but let them know that what they were about to do was wrong and lead them to the right spot.

Once your older dog is potty trained, they are sure to create a mess in your yard. You may not have the time or energy to keep up on proper yard clean-up which is important for both of your health. Doggy Repooval offers yard clean-up services in a variety of packages to fit exactly what you need. Call us today or visit our website to view all of our services and get $10 off your first service.


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Summer Do’s and Dont’s for Your Pet in Santa Clarita

Summer Do’s and Dont’s for Your Pet

santa clarita dog poop pick upSummer is always brutal in Santa Clarita, but even more so for your pets. Unlike humans, cats and dogs keep their body temperature stable through respiration–that’s a lot of panting!  They release minimal heat through their paws, but they can’t sweat as people do. Unfortunately, they can’t tell us when the heat is too much for them. With summer at its peak, keep your pets safe with these tips.

Don’t exercise your pet in the middle of the day – Instead walk your pet early in the morning or after dusk when temperatures are cooler.  What may seem as bearable temperature for us may be deadly to them.  Pavement temperatures are extremely high on hot days and can actually burn your pets paw pads.

Do keep them hydrated – Be sure that water is always accessible and plenty, especially if your pet will be left alone the whole day. In extremely hot weather, pets will gulp down their liquids quicker than normal, so make sure they have more than the usual amount you leave for them during cooler months.

Don’t leave your pet in direct sunlight – If you keep your pets in a cage or restrained on a leash outdoors, make sure that the cage is situated where the sun won’t reach it at any given time of the day. Your pet won’t be able to seek refuge from sunlight when confined in a small space. The same goes for leashed pets. Keep the leash long enough so that pets can seek comfort from the sun. Leave your pet in a well-ventilated place. He may be safe from the heat of the sun, but a hot and stuffy room could be detrimental to his health just as much.

Do think of your pet’s safety at the beach – Make sure there’s a nearby shade for them to run to for comfort from the sun. Bring along life vests especially designed for animals and have your pets wear them at all times. The lure of the cool sea might entice your dog to run straight for the ocean and who knows how strong the current will be.  Also consider special dog shoes, beach sand and stones can be dangerously hot to the sensitive pads on their paws.

Don’t leave your pet in the car – Either go places where you can take them indoors with you or skip the trip altogether.

Do look for signs of heat distress – this includes muddy pink gums, panting, frothing, increased heart rate, disorientation, drooling, vomiting, and extremely warm body.

What to do with Heat Distress

If you suspect that your pet is in distress, get them under shade right away and into a cool place. Place a cool towel all over their body, especially under the armpits and on the groin area or submerge your pet in cool water, but never put ice on them as this may hamper the body’s natural ability to fight off the heat. Dogs will run and play right through the heat if it means spending more time with you, so take on the role of responsible pet owner and err on the side of caution, as heatstroke can easily lead to brain damage and tragically, death. Once symptoms manifest, even if your pet seems better, bring him to the vet for proper testing.

Not only do you have to worry about your pet’s health out in the summer sun, but you also need to protect them from the health dangers of a dirty yard. Summertime can be tough to keep a clean yard. Who wants to clean up pet waste that’s been baking in the sun all day? Let the professionals at Doggy Repooval in Santa Clarita help you. We offer a variety of no contract services so you can rest easy knowing your yard is clean while you are out enjoying some summertime fun.


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