Can I Get Service Done on Holidays for Santa Clarita?

Can I Get Service Done on Holidays?

dog poop santa claritaThe holidays are fun times to spend with family and friends. While you likely have quite a few plans over the various holidays throughout the year, your pet usually follows the same schedule. Unfortunately, this means their “bathroom time” is not going to change.

This also means that you will have to excuse yourself form the fun and festivities to clean up after your pet. If you want to avoid this, then hiring a professional Santa Clarita pet waste removal service will be a smart option.

Why Hire a Professional Poop Removal Service?

You may wonder why it is a good idea to hire a poop removal service. The fact is, these services hire professional staff who will ensure that your yard or outdoor space is cleaned up and that your pet has a clean space to run and play. It also reduces the burden of you having to get into the yard, day after day, to remove the poop that is present.

Is Service Offered on Holidays?

The good news is that the professionals who offer Santa Clarita pet waste removal services from Doggy Repooval will typically offer services any day of the year. However, there are a few days they take off. The best way to find out when service is and is not available is to call and talk with a representative. They will be able to let you know when service can be scheduled and what days are not available. They will also make sure to provide a service day before or after the holiday to prevent too much waste from accumulating in the yard.

If you are ready to be free of the shackles of doggy poop clean-up duty, then call our Santa Clarita dog poop service, Doggy Repooval today. We offer affordable prices and professional services that will help keep your yard clean and your dog happy.


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Pick-Up Service on Rainy Days for Santa Clarita

Pick-Up Service on Rainy Days

dog poop santa claritaAs a pet owner, you know what a great companion your four-legged friend can be. However, regardless of their size or breed, there is one problem – having to pick up their poop.

No one wants to spend day after day, scouring the yard to ensure every last pile is found and removed. This is where a professional Santa Clarita dog waste removal service can help. These services will keep any yard, regardless of the size, or number of dogs, clean and free from all waste.

Benefits of Hiring a Poop Removal Service

There are several benefits to hiring a professional Santa Clarita dog poop pick up service:

  • You no longer have to pick up after your dog.
  • The service can be scheduled at your convenience – several times a week, once a week, or whatever schedule works for you.
  • The low price is well-worth it.

What if it’s Raining?

Some customers wonder what will happen if it is raining when the pick-up service is scheduled to come. After all, the dog is still “going” even when it is wet out. If you call Doggy Repooval, you will find our professional and dedicated staff will work in most weather, even rain. If the weather does happen to get too severe on the day we are scheduled to come, we can come another day. This will help ensure everyone remains safe and that your yard remains poop-free.

Scheduling Service for Your Yard

If you are ready to schedule service with a quality Santa Clarita dog poop pick up company, then call Doggy Repooval today. We will ensure that no matter your dog’s size, or how many you have, your yard looks – and smells – great.

Don’t worry with having to clean up after your dog any longer. We are here to help and ensure your yard is clean. Call Doggy Repooval in Santa Clarita today.


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