Can My Dog Be Outside During Clean-Up in Santa Clarita?

Can My Dog Be Outside During Clean-Up?

Golden retriever MarcusThere is no question that you love your pet; however, what you may not love is a yard, porch, or other exterior area filled with pet waste. It may not be feasible for you to get into the yard each time your dog does its business and cleanup – this is just a fact of life. This is why it’s a great idea to call on Santa Clarita dog waste removal experts.

How Doggy Repooval in Santa Clarita Can Help

The good news is, there is a solution. When you utilize the services of Doggy Repooval, you will have a team of dog waste cleanup and elimination professionals who can help you get rid of the issue for good. We will come to your home regularly to pick up and cleanup any pet waste that is present. In addition to removing the waste from the grass, we will hose of, deodorize and disinfect decks, patios and dog runs and maintain dog waste stations for communities, apartments, condominiums and homeowner’s associations.

What About My Dog?

While you likely know of our services, you may still have a few questions. One of the questions we get often is whether or not the dog can be outside while the work is done. As long as your dog is not aggressive, we have no problem working with your dog in the yard. Chances are they will even get some pats and a few stick throws while we are there.

We love dogs and as long as your dog is friendly, we are more than happy to provide our service with your pet in the yard. However, if your dog is skittish, aggressive, or simply does not like strangers, we ask they are put inside or in a pen while we work. This is for our protection, as well as the protection of your four-legged friend.

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